Bar-ricade Double Doors
March 31, 2017

Bar-ricade Window


Window System starting at $119.


A window opening of up to 10 square feet is $119.  Add $9 for each additional square foot.

1sq ft + $9 so if its 15 sq ft. it will be $119.00 + $9 per sq ft so $9 x 5sq ft = 45 so $119 + $45 = $164.

Our normal checkout system or “shopping cart” won’t work for this product so please don’t try to “buy now”.  We’re still working on it.

You’ll need to call me at 916-550-9803 to discuss measurements.  Each window system is custom.

Once you give me the area of the window opening, we’ll send you the link to a special checkout page for the total plus shipping.