How hard is it to install the Bar-ricade?
It should take less than 5 minutes. Drill a 3/16 inch pilot hole 1 1/2 inches from each edge of the door, and use a wrench to drive the bolts into the holes leaving 1/4 inch between the wall and the flange. You're done! You can even use some touch up paint on the bolt heads so they won't be so obvious. Each set includes a bar and 2 specially flanged lag bolts.
Can I move the Bar-ricade if I change residences?
Absolutely! Simply withdraw the bolts from the wall, use some putty or joint compound to fill the hole and a dab of paint. No one will ever know it was there.
If someone breaks my door frame won't the bar-ricade come loose too?
NO! The Bar-ricade has nothing to do with your door frame. It mounts in the Jack Studs which are part of the actual wall.
Which doors should I put a Bar-ricade on?
I have one on my front door, the door from my house out to my garage, and I have one on my bedroom door as well. The bedroom is the place I'll take my family to wait for law enforcement if someone tries a home invasion. It's also where I keep my guns.
How much does the Bar-ricade weigh?
It weighs 4 pounds.
Is there a stronger piece of door security hardware on the market?
If there is, we haven't seen it. The only way to make a door stronger is if you have concrete block walls and a steel door frame.